Zdravo Juices 750ml

ZDRAVO from Selenča, Serbia.

Drinking juices from squeezed fruit and vegetables without additives, on a regular basis, is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. By drinking fruit and vegetables, you take much more useful substances (up to 80% more) than by eating them. Fruit and vegetables in form of juice are easier to digest, that is why juices “spare” the digestive organs and maintain health of liver and kidneys.

100% Pressed fruit & vegetable.
No water is added to our juices. The water squeezed out of fresh fruit and vegetables is enriched with useful substances and it is the only water in them. The production process of making juices involves mechanical squeezing of fruit and vegetables, filtering the derived juice, pouring it into glass bottles and finally pasteruising it without adding any preservers.

It is of paramount importance to ZDRAVO to preserve nature’s own healing properties without the use of any chemical means such as preserving agents and synthetic additives.