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Across the country, the demand for fresh and healthy beverages continues to grow. To answer this call, Slick Drinks is actively sourcing delicious and healthy drinks to supply directly to you to fill your own Vending Machines. Make all the profits and give your customers nutrition instead of empty sugar calories.

Our Acaico Acai Drinks and superfood Smothies come in long-life Tetra Packs which don’t have to be kept cold. Our 100% Cold Pressed fruit and vegetable juices from Zdravo come in a dazzling array of varieties, each one tasting as fresh and nutritious as biting into the real fruit.

Last but not least is our best selling Schlossgold Non-alcoholic Beer in 500ml cans. It tastes so full-bodied and crisp, yet can be enjoyed during the work day and before driving!

Order up and enjoy these and more in your vending machines today!

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  • case of schlossgold beer

    Schlossgold Non-Alcoholic Beer 500ml Cans

    Unit Size: 500ml
    Box Qty: 24

    Box Price: $45.00
    (Per Unit): $2.06


    Schlossgold from in Austria tastes so superbly fresh and it compares “flavourably” with full-strength beer. Shrink wrapped 6-packs for retail sale, or open them up and sell as singles in your fridge or vending machine for a better profit margin. Apply for a Wholesale Account for a decent discount now!