Sulinka Mineral Water

Sulinka has been a firmly established presence on the Slovakian mineral water market for more than 167 years. Its new 0.33 litre bottle, however, has been designed for the Russian and Canadian and international markets

Sulinka is a drinking mineral water with a therapeutic effect. With its unique combination of macro and microelements, Sulinka restores mineral balance, enhances metabolism and improves skin, hair and nail health.

Sulínka’s springs are located on the territory of the Sulin town. Mineral water started to be used here in 1836. At that time only one spring was operating, after modernization and roofing two springs were formed: Sulínka P-1 and Sulínka P-2. The water spurting from springs is cold, medium mineralized, strongly carbonized, sodium-potassium, chloride and nitric. Its chemical ingredients and properties comply with the table water standards. Sulínka is also used for healing purposes, first of all in stomach and gastrointestinal tract disorders. It can be accessed directly at the spring, which allows for saving money and spending pleasurable time in open air and in beautiful region among the Sulínka region nature, but that entails a trip to the mountains in Northern Slovakia, Easier to buy it here!