Schlossgold Alcohol-free Beer

SCHLOSSGOLD is one of the most popular ultra light beers in Europe. It is brewed and bottled in Austria, and tastes beautifully fresh with the quality of a full strength beer. A genuine beer, it is alcohol-free, but has a splendid, full-bodied, malt flavour and is very refreshing.

Schlossgold is categorised as a non-alcoholic light beer or low alcohol beer with a maximum of 0.4% alcohol by volume and sold as alcohol free beer throughout Australia. Buy it here for your next event.

Schlossgold is true beer. It looks like it, tastes like it and its whole appearance conveys a feeling of real beer experience. Its excellent beer taste and golden optical “beer-like” appearance with a stable and beautiful foamy head are achieved by a special brewing process.

Schlossgold Alkoholfreies Bier Brewed by Schwechater (Brau Union) Imported Exclusively by Konrad Beverages Pty Ltd.

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    Schlossgold Non-Alcoholic Beer 500ml Cans

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    Schlossgold from in Austria tastes so superbly fresh and it compares “flavourably” with full-strength beer. Shrink wrapped 6-packs for retail sale, or open them up and sell as singles in your fridge or vending machine for a better profit margin. Apply for a Wholesale Account for a decent discount now!