Lucka Infant Water

The premium infant water Lucka has been the favorite water brand among Slovak mothers for more than 20 years. Its microbiological pureness and the process of filling that meets the strictest hygienic criteria offer excellent quality for mothers and their babies. That is why Lucka has been a permanent holder of Quality Certificate Slovak Gold since 2001.

Perfect for formula for babies, no need to boil, just use it straight from the bottle.

Lucka Infant Water is subject to very strict control from the state authorities. To protect your child’s health to the maximum, it must comply with several-fold stricter standards than regular spring waters. Lucka spring from the heart of Považský Inovec with its unique composition and angelic pureness not only meets these standards and demanding hygienic criteria but in certain aspects even considerably exceeds them: Lower content of mineral substances (379 mg/l); Optimum ratio of calcium and magnesium; Low content of nitrate and nitrites; Minimum content of sodium (only 0.0002 %); Beneficial slightly alkaline pH (7.5).