Açaico Açai Powder

Açaico products are of the highest quality, registered and certified as organic within the European Union.

Açaico effervescent tablets offer the great taste of fizzy drink and all the benefits of Açai berries. Its a tasty and healthy supplement that helps your body. Each tablet contains 500 mg Açai powder. No added sugar or artificial colors, suitable for diabetics.

Açaico BIO Organic powder is 100% pure Açai fruit produced by a special freeze drying method in Brazil, which ensures the maximum freshness of Açai fruit. Thanks to this method, all the wholesome ingredients of Açai are retained. This powder is full of natural antioxidants and omega fatty acids.

Açaico capsules provide all the benefits of organic Açaico BIO powder and are particularly suitable for those who like a precise dosage of substances that your body receives per day. One bottle contains 60 x 500mg capsules.