Açaico Açai Drinks

Açaico from Açaimania is taking Europe by storm.

AçaiMania products are of premium quality, exceptional taste and miraculous effects. They were developed with a number of athletes, dietitians, food technologists and many other experts. Açaimania continues developing products containing pure organic Brazilian açai which are new, tasty, fruity and above all, healthy.

The quality of our products is our top priority, therefore be assured, that all of our flavours are made by mixing Acaico with passionfruit, orange & grapefruit, apple or banana puree without using any artificial flavours or additives. By being scrupulous about the quality of these ingredients, we guarantee top quality products so you can enjoy the great and real taste of the fruits. We add a touch of guarana for an extra boost of Brazilian energy.

These fantastic, natural products, are available in many shops, restaurants, coffee shops and fitness centers. Buy today and offer your customers the taste of the Amazon!