Schlossgold is a full flavoured beer made with premium malted barley and hops. It’s the perfect choice for those who love the taste of a great beer but don’t want, like or need the alcohol. At up to 0.5% alcohol, its considered “Non-Alcoholic Beer”

Schlossgold is one of the most popular ultra light beers in Europe. Brewed and bottled in Austria, it tastes beautifully fresh and has the quality of a full strength beer.

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Schlossgold pours clear straw-golden colour with a robust frothy head. Aromas of sweet graininess & noble hops and big flavour with a medium-light pilsner bitterness and light tart malted wheat characteristics.


Not only does Schlossgold have a genuine beer taste with a tiny 0.5% alcohol – it can be enjoyed guilt-free whilst pregnant or breast-feeding, so when you are craving a crisp cold beer, this will be the one! Serve chilled, teetotalers and those on the wagon will find Schlossgold super refreshing.
Schlossgold also has one of the lowest calorie counts of any beer in the world.


Schlossgold is brewed traditionally using only the finest barley, hops and water, but unlike full strength beer, the brewing process culminates in an authentic “cold contact process” at 0°C. After about 24 hours, up to 700 typical flavourings of the beer are produced, but the alcohol content remains between 0.3 and 0.5% vol – comparable to apple juice. After appropriate storage and filtration, Schlossgold is filled into bottles and drums without further treatment. After the appropriate storage and filtration, it is bottled for your enjoyment.


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ORDER NOW - Only $49.50 per case



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